Tourmaline Amulet

Tourmaline Amulet

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Do you love tourmaline?

Many people love tourmaline, it is used for protection and increasing positivity it is also used to help to focus on centering your mind throughout the day.

This high quality gold plated pendant has left thousands of customers satisfied while still maintaining a sense of style. Not only are we are giving you the powerful properties of black tourmaline we are also helping you look great while reaping these benefits.

Wearing this will create a protective shield in your energy field, absorbing negative energies and   electromagnetic radiation caused by electronics, Wi-Fi, pollution. This crystal helps focus your mind by bringing you down to earth.

Powerful grounding tourmaline crystal wrapped with sterling silver hanging on an adjustable 100% natural hemp cord

Reiki charged with an abundance of protection, self-confidence and high energy. 

The History:

Tourmaline has been formally identified since medieval times, being first named "schorl" in Saxony, Germany, when discovered in a tin mine. Popularity of this stone soared during the late 1800's when George Kunz brought a tourmaline stone to Tiffany and co. Tourmaline further soared in popularity during the 1980's when a high selection of hues were discovered in Brazil.

In Feng Shui:
Tourmaline is know to ground the energy in the body, home or business, if struggling with constantly being, in your mind, in the past. It can help bring your focus to the present this will help calm internal energies and create joy.
This positive state of mind will help clear negative thoughts and emotions leading to the dispelling of unhealthy and addictive habits, easing your path to alignment.

Connections to your Earth and Root chakra, allowing you to connect with family or tribe. focus on the tribe you have adopted as this will lead to clearing past karmic patterns.

One of the most used stones of protection stones most effective with healing and protecting you physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. Tourmaline is a powerful stone and should be taken with you wherever you go to protect from misfortune, accidents and sickness. If you do not wish to wear the pendant with you, think of getting a Dravite or Tourmaline chunk to put in your pocket.