Raw Blue Apatite Pendant

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Wearing a crystal pendant helps remind you to practice mindfulness and focus on living your life fully, with love and high energy. 

 - Blue Apatite: Reminds you to lead a confident life

- Throat Chakra
- Birthstone: February/March
- Mantra: "I am confident and communicate effectively"
- Gold plated
- Vary in size and shape. Please contact us to choose which piece you would like, otherwise we will send what we are drawn to for you. 

Polishing cloth, personal guidance and after care recommendations included

Contact us to see which other styles and sizes we have in stock and we can create you a personalised bundle to help you with something specific! We can also design you a pendant personal to you and your energetic profile. You can request a specific crystal and for it to be set on 925 Sterling Silver, 14kt Gold or Rose Gold.

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Beautiful energy! ✨

This crystal helped me find clarity when I was feeling confused and unsure of what to do with my life. It is a calming and soothing crystal yet has the ability to make your trouble worries and concerns just melt away. I love wearing this pendent whenever I need focus and clarity in life! Thank you Amor Vida for giving me this wonderful gift! ✨