Crackle Quartz Point Pendant
Crackle Quartz Point Pendant

Crackle Quartz Point Pendant

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Beautifully Gold or silver plated pendants are a great addition to any outfit, they shine beautifully when they catch the light. Perfectly imperfect and no two are the same. these pieces will give an air or uniqueness among the crowds.

Crackle Quartz

While retaining the healing properties of quartz, the colours introduced to the quartz alter the vibration of the quartz and allow it to connect with the different Chakras, a powerful, explosive happy energy radiates from crackle quartz.

Crackle quartz is an enhanced stone, being super heated and dipped into dye allowing the colours and their vibrations to seep in through the fractures.

In Chakras:

Root Chakra (Red) - A colour full of energy used as a frequently as a universal healer and to aid in boosting self-confidence, positive love and will power. The Root Chakra should be focused on when looking to balance all Chakras 

Sacral Chakra (Orange) A Symbol of pride and prosperity , an energy that gives the benefits of working through inhibitions and internal suppression. This Chakra is for working with the emotional body, sensuality, and creativity. Focusing on and balancing this chakra helps with the relationships that you have with others and guides you to access your artistan and creative self.

Solar Plexus Chakra (Yellow) The symbol of joy and warmth, This Chakra helps one with the image of oneself, self-esteem and self-worth. it suppresses procrastination and debilitating thoughts. Working with and balancing this chakra will really help when having to make a tough decision and a wise choice must be made. The expression of will and intellectual abilities is strongly connected with this Chakra.

Heart Chakra (Green) A healthy heart chakra is a great way to help with accepting the love given by others and returning that love. Using stones that are green are one way to open the chakra. The heart chakra is also greatly beneficial with those who are struggling to grieve correctly and can not move on from something traumatic. The centre of awareness and integration of insights should also feel boosted by the heart chakra

Throat Chakra (Blue) The centre piece of those looking to take action and communicate better. An imbalanced Throat Chakra can show symptoms like or being obnoxious and talking when you should be listening, great for students and balancing this chakra will help you articulate and communicate effectively, especially in your areas of high interest (hobbies and callings.)

Third Eye Chakra (Indigo) Intuition, coherent thought and being open minded are strongly connected with balancing this Chakra, this will guide inner peace and the development of psychic awareness. Meditation can help balance this chakra, focus on your imagination and inspirations and try to connect with the universes insight and wisdom

Crown Chakra (White) This Chakra has the characteristics of presence and blissfulness. The higher consciousness and connecting with the limitless. The liberation from restrictions of limiting patterns of behavior   Unhappiness, a sense of indecision and repeatedly making the wrong choices are all symptoms that you may need to work with your Crown Chakra. Meditate to develop this chakra and you will find wisdom and deepen your connection with the Divine and with the Universe.







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    Bought for Neice

    Bought this beautiful pendant for my niece, who was really pleased with it, she thought it was very pretty. From my point of view it was good value and great quality.