Citrine Crystal Bundle
Citrine Crystal Bundle
Citrine Crystal Bundle

Citrine Crystal Bundle

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Citrine carries a powerful frequency and strengthens your manifestation channel. This crystal will open your inner doors to enhance clarity and enhance creativity

'Imagination is more important than knowledge' - Einstein

Reiki Charged with an abundance of imagination and clarity

The History:
Citrine has been popular for thousands of years, from an ancient Grecian carving sculptures from solid Citrine, creating art that shined and glistened as if it was the permafrost of the Antarctic. Roman Centurions attaching Citrine to their infamous fur topped Mohawk helmets. The Scottish Clans during the 17th century attaching this "stone of success" to daggers for ceremonial purposes!

The Spirituality:
A powerful cleanser and regeneration stone carrying the power of the sun, helping those who wield this stone in healing the spiritual self, superb at overcoming depression phobias and fear of the unknown such as a new job or encounter. Helping those you wish it to be, in raising self-esteem allowing it to become radiant instead of focusing on the past. This gemstone helps in information translation and digestion, therefore making this stone a problem solvers stone. Clutching a Citrine will help you in remaining calm in a difficult time, it is useful in solving a family disagreement or supporting a wayward friend. 

In Feng Shui: 
Citrine is seen as the crystal of wealth and abundance so many Feng Shui cures for wealth are utilizing Citrine Radiate the natural energies of the sun so it is naturally associated with the third chakra.  

In Wicca: 
The birthstone for November, and strongly connected with Archangel Raphael and the planet Mercury, Representing the Element of Water. Traditionally Citrine is used as a wealth stone to encourage good fortune, but being only really powerful to those who are honestly generous with the good fortune they receive.  Citrine can be used for drawing joy, abundance and wealth. It is tenaciously positive, because of this, it can be used to cleanse other stones.