Blue Kyanite Crystal

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Works with the throat chakra to help free your thoughts and soothe your mind 

Place on third eye chakra to open your mind and during spiritual work or place on your throat chakra to aid confidence 

Kyanite is such an explosive crystal, formed by the crashing together of tectonic plates! capturing some of the most intense energy the outer earth produces. kyanite is used for self healing and is very useful for those struggling with meditation increasing positivity in love, helping to take the risks that are sometimes required.

In History:
Kyanite received its name from the Greek word "kyanos," which means "deep blue."
Kyanite mainly found its mainstream use during the manufacturing revolution when it was widely used in ceramics and refractories, also being used in electronics and abrasives.

In Wicca:
In some lore, Archangel Michael's sword was supposedly made from a huge blade of kyanite. Being connected with Jupiter and Pisces. The elements of air and water are represented with kyanite. Recently kyanite is being used more often in magical formulates to create and sustain links with the earth and plant energies.
Place under a special plant for the hour following dawn to cleanse and recharge.




Customer Reviews

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Powerful energy!! ⚡️

Wow, I love this beautiful crystal, it is so incredibly powerful. I placed it on my forehead on my third eye and I was instantly whizzed off into the cosmos.
My head began to buzz, I could hear it buzzing like a bumblebee was sat on my head..totally freaked me out but what a surreal experience it was, and one I will never forget.
Thank you Amor Vida for sharing this precious crystal! ✨

Medical evidence

I have had irregular thyroid levels for the last 3 months and monitoring before the decision of taking medicine . Decided to meditate do yoga and relax , eat well and especially love myself . Placed this on the throat chakra for healing my thyroid and yesterday’s blood results are now clear . Amazing power

Incredible!! Thank you for sharing your story, very pleased you have had such quick results! Your hardwork with doing yoga and meditating with crystals has definitely been worth it, keep it up and may many blessings come your way!