Amethyst Cylinder Pendant
Amethyst Cylinder Pendant

Amethyst Cylinder Pendant

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In Feng Shui:
Crystals like this beautiful specimen are used around the house in many ways, with a single objective, to create good Feng Shui energy. The word crystal was derived from the Greek word Krystallosmeaning frozen light. This makes this product even more amazing as you are creating light from frozen light.

Known as "the stone of spirit," used by Tibetan monks during meditation. This beautiful crystal is truly a necessity, along with clear quartz and selenite, for somebody who is looking to explore the power of crystal with this calming energy crystal. Amethyst could also be used to promote lucid dreaming, abundance, freedom from the stress of money issues. Protection while commuting or travelling. Amethyst is a simple stone to charge but it is essential that you charge the stone when required.

  • Amethyst directly from Brazil

  • Used to help balance the third eye and crown chakras.

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