Gold Plated Quartz Arrowhead

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Wearing a crystal pendant helps remind you to practice mindfulness and focus on living your life fully, with love and high energy. 

 - Quartz: Reminds you, you are powerful and a beautiful soul

- Crown Chakra
- Birthstone: April
- Mantra: "I radiate pure energy and my mind is powerful"
- 18Kt gold: Master healer
- Length: approx 40-60mm

Polishing cloth, personal guidance and after care recommendations included

Contact us to see which other styles and sizes we have in stock and we can create you a personalised bundle to help you with something specific! We can also design you a pendant personal to you and your energetic profile. You can request a specific crystal and for it to be set on 925 Sterling Silver, 14kt Gold or Rose Gold.

Customer Reviews

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Magick experiences

I’m not usually the kind of person that leaves a review as someone normally does that but this amethyst arrow head has bought me so many realisations that I had to share my story.

Since wearing this I have become more aware of the internal and external energies. I can feel the pulse of the earth and that’s something everyone must try.

My third eye has become more active, I have become calmer and more in tune with thistles around me.

I also sometimes place it on my foreheadwhen meditating and it helps me focus, has bought to many realisations to mention here and a sense of being part of something bigger.

When on holiday it seemed like everything was falling into place and things that didn’t happen happened for the most perfect reasons.

This arrow head is a great buy and I can feel the energies from Amor Vidas crystals, they are genuine and hold power. This is now my preferred supplier as the service is incredible and they are full of knowledge.