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The importance of Self love

Do yourself a massive favour and love yourself, well and truly. This can be hard because of years or lifetimes of resentment that has built up and created so many blockages. During spiritual healing sessions, practitioners can feel the heaviness and the shield that has formed around the heart chakra because of this. Think about this for a second. How many times have you heard someone say, no matter what it's just not happening for me and I don't understand why?  We are so unbelievably hard on ourselves and it does us no good. Love uplifts anyone, imagine how much it would lift you if you loved yourself more and more with each day? Start by saying 'i love you'...

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Beginner Crystal ~ Selenite

The Ultimate Cleanser ~ Selenite Everyone deserves some selenite in their life! When customers ask what is a good crystal to start off with this is top of the list. Not only does it cleanse your energetic auric field it also cleanses your home and crystals. Crystals absorb energy and for best results it is important to regularly cleanse them, this allows them to work on a higher level and resonate deeply. Simply placing your crystals on a selenite slab after each meditation practice or after you have slept with them is a good routine to implement and selenite will them amplify that crystal energy in your beautiful home! (They also look like an amazing ornament!!) Meditating with Selenite There...

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What crystals can you use under the full moon?

Full Moon Crystal Ritual Virgo Full Moon 2018 What is the Virgo Full Moon? You may have noticed the past few months the energies have been so high It may have drained you. Virgos full moon energy is very energising in contrast, you will feel motivated and ready to accomplish that to-do list that has been looming! Now is the time to get started on that project you have been wanting to complete! Make use of this beautiful energy you will be surrounded by. Here’s a few tips you can take on board to help you progress further this month by welcoming this energy: What Crystals will help you? Selenite Help you you release anything, filling you with pure light...

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