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Combining the power of healing crystals with Crystal Jewelry & home Decor

Amor Vida is a mindful lifestyle brand providing you with tools; for meditation, healing and empowerment of the mind, body and soul.

Crystal jewelry to help remind you the importance of self care and nurturing your own energy.

We believe highly in supporting all those wishing to progress their journey by providing them with high energy crystals, ethically sourced from around the world!

Motivation Mala

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Blessed Malas

We have a range of different meditation malas, to help remind you to either relax, be motivated or stay grounded. A lot of love goes into the creation of these beauties and we tailor it to the energy you would like to bring into your life. 

Each bead is blessed with the mantra OM during the process of chanting. Once the mala is made it is then reiki charged with the intention of helping you with something specific. 

Get in touch with us and design your own high energy mala, we have a lot of different styles and would love to make it personal to you!

Tourmaline Pendants

Aquamarine Ring

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Faceted Crystal Rings

We would love to make you a beautiful crystal ring personal to you!

What is your favourite crystal? What type of energy would you like to bring into your life right now? Let us know and we can customise a ring to your style!

We have a large variety of different crystals, shapes and we can do them in either Sterling Silver, 14K Gold or Rose Gold. 

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